Thursday, October 06, 2005


President Bush said in a speech today that radicals and militants seek to intimidate the world. Away from the microphone he was not heard to mutter "those idiots don't realize that indimidating the world is OUR job."

In related news, the President also said that the war on terror would require more sacrifice. "Wars are not won without sacrifice, and this war will require more sacrifice, more time, and more resolve."
Sources nowhere near the President claim that he acknowledged sacrifice meant via the lives of those whose parents didn't get them into Ivy league schools and who needed to face death following orders in order to improve their lot on life.

I joke. The war on terror, regardless of the rights or wrongs of its beginnings, is one that must be fought to the end. Anything less than a complete victory (which could take decades) will be viewed as a failure on our part in the eyes of those against whom we fight. Calls to end the war at this time don't recognize or appreciate the precarious international position we've put ourselves in. The President went to war without the backing of the U.N. in Iraq, and now we must see a victory there in terms of unmitigated democracy for our way of life to continue.

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