Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bar reviewing

One of the most stressful parts of studying law is not law school itself. The first semester has the fear of doing well enough to come back for the second, but after that, you know the school will do what it can to ensure it can take your money - I mean, provide you with a high-quality education.

But once you finish school, you have to take the bar exam. The bar is difficult. Some states have harder exams than others, but I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who thought the bar was easy (perhaps easier than they thought, but not easy). I start bar review tomorrow, even though graduation is on Saturday. I will continue studying for the bar until I take the bar exam at the end of July.

This next week will be the most challenging of the weeks, though. I have to finish cleaning house for the relatives who are coming in; I've got two children in school, one of whom I must pick up from school and transport to daycare every day. I have PMBR from 9:30-3:30 (I'll have to leave early each day to pick up the child), and I have a reception on Friday to receive my Pro Bono Honors certificate. Additionally, Friday is the day my mom comes in to one airport, while my father comes in at the other two hours later at the other. My inlaws get here on Thursday; this is the deadline for having the house clean. Finally, the missus just went to the airport, en route to Pennsylvania for a conference for her job. This means I will be playing single dad through Wednesday.

Bar preparation is difficult, but I'm going to make it. After bneing a dad, the bar is just another thing.


Just Wondering said...

Steve, congratulations and best of luck. When I studied for the NC bar, I rode my bike a lot and sat on the floor in front of the t.v. with my books open and a Braves baseball game on - thank you TBS (no sound, though). If there wasn't a game on, I didn't have the t.v. on. That was in the mid-80's when the Braves were awful with a capital "Aw!" It doesn't sound like you'll need the bike, but if you can find some bad baseball, you might want to think about catching a volume-muted game now and again! Actually, just do what you do. You know better than anybody what got you to this point. Again, congrats.

Hann said...

And I hope you'll post us some lovely pictures of the graduation!!!
I demand thee. :-)