Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I'm getting a lot out of the Multistate bar review. It kinda stinks that I have to miss the last 2.5 hours each day, but I'm getting a lot out of the time I'm putting in.

I'm also very glad I signed up for both the 3 day and 6 day reviews. I think in my particular case, it will be especially helpful.

The kids are doing well. Punkin got a bit of a shiner yesterday. They were spinning around on my recliner (which they know they're not supposed to do, lest they get hurt), and she flew off and somehow managed to land on her eye. She has a bit of a rug burn on the outside of her left eye. That girl. She knows how to injure herself in a way that looks far worse than it was. But, perhaps now she knows not to spin the chair around, and maybe, just maybe when I say "don't do that, you will get hurt," perhaps she'll believe me.

The other ones are doing well. The Boy is reading up for school; he has some goal to read 20 books before the end of the year. I wish him luck.

Back to the family. There's a rumblin's upstairs.

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