Monday, May 28, 2007


I'm tired. I can't go to bed, because the Apple is still awake. He's a little concerned, because the moon went away. He has been standing at the door asking the moon to come back. Poor kid. He also said he wanted to go with the moon. He just had mom put on his cape (He's Super Apple now), and he's going to go away to be with the moon.

I love the boy. But I wish he'd sleep at bedtime.

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Anonymous said...

Apple is too cute, as are the other two. Meant to comment last week about the boat. You know the perfect description of a boat? A hole in the water you throw money into. I've had two three so far and I never get to play in them as much as I would like. So far with the newest boat I think I think I am average three time a year. However, it is good to have wishes to work towards PAPA