Monday, May 21, 2007

Pomp and Circumstance

I matriculated on Saturday. But I think with a quick shot and some good solder, I should be all right.

It was a nice graduation. My first. I have four degrees now, but I've just now attended a graduation. I kind of thought I'd be anxious at graduating, but I wasn't. I didn't really feel much relief, or anything else, but I was glad to be done. I did manage to lose my faux diploma.

The family came out to see the graduation; it was nice to see everyone again together. We then went to our celebratory graduation dinner at Logan's (because when you have kids, it's asking an awful lot of the three of them to maintain decorum at a fancier place for any amount of time), and we rather enjoy the place.

The next day, my dad, my father in law, my son and I went fishing out in the Gulf of Mexico. It was a great day - 10 fish to bring home, and another half dozen or so to throw back. My father in law declared that he would let my father and I cast first, since he was going to catch the first fish. So we cast, reeled back in the empty hooks, and he dropped his line - and pulled in a 16 inch Red Snapper.

The second drop brought me a 16.5 inch snapper, and so it continued until we hit our limit. They were biting all over yesterday for the first couple of hours, with the Boy bringing in a couple smaller Snappers (no keepers), and some bait fish. I can't wait to go out again, next year probably.

I'm not quite in a schooling way right now, so I won't be going in to BarBri today - I'll start tomorrow. Wish me luck!


heatherfeather said...

i wish you luck.

of the good variety!

Anonymous said...

hey steve, congrats on graduamating! :)

oh, i took the bf to that korean restaurant down in your neck of the woods. the service was better and he liked it.


Hann said...

Congratulations Steve!! Where's the photos????
I'm gonna nag you until you put them up!!!

Cassie said...

Hann, they don't take many photos. At least I don't see many. I saw my first pictures of two of the kids for the first time in a few years. I can't complain though, I don't send pictures either. Must be a family trait.

congratulations Steve.

Gramma said...

What a great weekend!!! What a whirlwind weekend! I can spell proud, all right--S-T-E-V-E!!!

Congratulations and Good Job. And on top of everything else, you are a fine human being.