Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I've got the blahs. I've been cleaning up bit by bit over the last three days, but nothing seems to be any better. The house actually seems dirtier after I've cleaned. I don't get it.

I'm exhausted. I have to get the kids to clean their rooms tonight so that they are clean when the inlaws get here tomorrow. I also have to finish cleaning all the bathrooms. I've got another 2 loads of garbage I need to take out, plus I have to clean the dining room table, coffee table, my bedroom (though I can just shut the door there), and vacuum upstairs. I have to piick up in the living room again, because, well, the kids don't keep it tidy.

I have day 4 of PMBR tomorrow, and I get to stay for the whole thing for the first time. While I look forward to it, I also have reason to believe it's going to be as boring as whale dung. It's tough to listen to one topic for six and a half hours, especially when nobody from your school is there with you (out of 200+ students, only 5 were from our school, and two of them haven't been there since Monday).

But I did manage to buy some new trousers at the Galleria, which was great, because I got to be condescended to by a saleslady. After I sought her out to give her the commission. I guess I get the last laugh, though, since I'll be an attorney, and she'll still be folding men's trousers at the mall...

Time to get the kids. Have a great evening!

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