Saturday, August 18, 2007

Believe it or not, I'm walking on air

We are about halfway home. We've reached Little Rock, Arkansas, the greatest city in the greatest state named Arkansas.

The Princess and the Apple are currently running around the hotel room being super-heroes ("I'm super-power! I'm up in the clouds!").

The Boy is playing the DS, which he'll get to enjoy for about five more minutes before he turns it off for the night.

We had a great trip to the heartland, and while it will be nice to get back to the Great State, I think I'm more made for the middle America than I am for the South. I felt a bit more comfortable up there. That, and it was nice to have family nearby. The cousins were great fun, and it was really nice to see the brother and sister in law. I think next time, we'll try to be a little faster about a return trip. Five years ages people a lot...

I'll write more tomorrow, I'm sure. Enjoy!

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