Sunday, August 05, 2007

Will work for food

Well, we only have 13 more weeks until we find out whether or not we passed the 2007 bar exam.
But, since I consolidated my loans, my grace period is gone, which means we get to start paying back now. This is painful enough, but when I still don't have a job, it makes it that much more difficult. We are looking at the budget, and things are going to be a little tighter than normal now.

The catch-22, of course, is that in order for me to get a job, I have to be able to go to interviews and go to work. In order to go to interviews and go to work, I need to be able to pay for daycare, which we can't afford because I don't have a job.

Still, I'm sending out resumes. I put out about a dozen last week, and will probably put out another 12 this week. The Career Center at school is not worth going to. Last time I went in there, I was told "with your grades, you need to find someone who will pay you and stay there." I was not happy. I'm still not happy; I'm stressed, tired, upset, and frustrated. And rather mad at our career resources center.


Cassie said...

Yeah, I'd be rather peeved as well. In fact I would probably call someone or write a letter. (Or stew silently)

liberal journal man said...

My career services department is the worst in the country, I am convinced. They have told students, 'oh, you probably won't get a job for next summer.' (This was in September of the previous year)

I would venture to say their approval rate school-wide is in the negatives.