Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wednesday is Haiku Day

President Bush passed
His physical. When will he
Report to Iraq?
(For the record, I had similar gripes about Bill Clinton requiring Anthrax vaccinations of all military members, but not getting any himself)

As always, I look forward to your suggestions.


nuje said...

Report to Iraq?
What are you talking about?
I don't understand.! said...

Afternoon at jail
Reviewing arrest records
TV on all day

Okay, that haiku may have been confusing. In the interest of equal opportunity griping about politicians, while I was reviewing arrest records & the omnipresent TV was on some news channel in the background, I heard Hillary Clinton saying something about blah blah blah experience blah blah blah "I"m your girl." GIRL. No, Hillary, it's WOMAN. I'm your WOMAN. You're not 10 years old. Can't complain about cleavage comments then turn around & turn yourself into a pre-pubescent female. That's so one of my pet peeves & I make it a habit to catch myself everytime I find myself about to refer to a grown woman as a "girl." Of course, I use "dude" to refer to men most of the time. I need a word like that for women, and "chick" just won't do. Any suggestions? Submit them in haiku format, please.

nuje said...

I still don't get it...