Monday, August 27, 2007

Gonzales Gone?

Alberto Gonzales reportedly is going to resign as Attorney General.

This is good for America, in part because it's unlikely, no matter how hard President Bush tries, that his replacement will be anything less than an improvement.

While it's still unclear that Alberto Gonzales did anything illegal (in part because of the frantic blocking methods put in place by the administration), it is clear that he was causing more harm than good by continuing in the position. The smart money is that he partook of a popular Bush Administration tactic of waiting until the story got cold enough to deny the Democrats a "victory" by his resignation, despite the fact that it was more or less a foregone conclusion.

President Bush, if he was truly interested in serving the best interests of the American people, should have first insisted that Gonzales resign when the issue first came to fruition, and second, should ensure that Gonzales was, or is, available for any investigations on the record. If Gonzo has indeed done nothing wrong, then there would be no harm in so doing (much like the justification for the right to wiretap my records). But, like most politicians, President Bush and company are less interested in serving the best interests of America, and appear to be more interested in promoting his political party, and hindering the other.

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