Sunday, August 26, 2007

Election, 2008

It bothers me, really, that the candidates started popping their heads out of the ground last November, campaigning for an election next year in November. But, that's the state of American politics anymore (is it really "too late" for Fred Thompson to enter?).

The problem with this election is that, really, there doesn't appear to be a decent favorite among any of the "favorites." It looks to be a retread of 2004, where we had the choice between a poor executive who acts before he thinks and a person who appeared more interested in his hair than in running a country. So far, it looks like a choice between a self-promoter who doesn't really answer much about herself, other than to say she can take it, and a self-promoter who appears to be stronger on paper than in real life. Following behind, we have a Republican flip-flopper and an inexperienced Democrat, and a bunch of others.

My question is, if the election were tomorrow, and you got to choose among everyone who is still in the race, who would you vote for? And more importantly, who do you think I should vote for (this is a "convince me" topic, not a "I want to do what you say" topic - argue your candidate's position)?

If I were to pull a lever or hang a chad today, I would dye my thumb purple for Bill Richardson. He's tough on border security, his state's economic growth has exceeded the country's during his time as governor, he's a progressive - the closest thing to a true moderate among the R and D candidates. I have supported his position more regularly and agreed with his statements more often than any of the others, and I think he would be the person best suited for the role of President. If nothing else, he didn't try to snow his congressional district by telling them he intended on being their senator and then immediately announce his candidacy for president as soon as possible (to give people the opportunity to forget) after the election.

Barring that, I would support a Ron Paul, who is more libertarian than any of the R and D candidates.

What do you think?

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