Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Peaceful, Easy Feeling

It's been a nice few days in the Midwest, a quieter, more deliberately paced environment. I've enjoyed the days we've been here so far. On Sunday, I made Bulgoki for the family (The cousins and Aunt and Uncle came over); it was quite a hit from what I could tell. Yesterday was more of a turndown day, just kind of sitting around doing nothing. And today, we took the kids out to Amish Country, Arcola, IL - the Broom Corn capital of the world. There's an Amish museum there, where the kids got to see all things Amish. We also drove out to Sullivan, where we picked up some good old Amish cheese and some blackberry butter, which the kids are looking forward to spreading on their bread in the morning. We finished the day by eating dinner at Chicago's pizza. I'm not a big fan of most things Chicago, but they certainly do know how to do a pizza right. We ordered two larges for the family of 7, and left with a full pie left between the two.

Tomorrow might be another slow day. I think we're going to get some cracked corn and go feed the ducks, then take the kids out to the park to run around and get good an worn out. Several hours of driving today killed any aspirations of taking a day trip to see the Arch in St. Louis.

Still haven't made it to Steak and Shake, but it's definitely on the agenda.

Now it's time for some sleep. Talk to y'all later.


Anonymous said...

Steak and Shake? You must explain this entity.


Steve said...

Steak and Shake is a midwestern burger diner. It's got good patty melts, from what I've heard (I don't eat sauteed onions, so I've never had one), with really good burgers, great shoestring potatoes, and excellent shakes. It's a diner-type setting, relaxed, very good, old-time burger joint.

red.hot.mamma! said...

I've seen the S&S on my last 2 Midwest trips, but wasn't sure if it was something I should try, like a CA In 'n Out burger, or not. Andrew was lukewarm on it. I also thought about going to a White Castle, but never made it there either.

What's blackberry butter? That sounds really good!

Steve said...

It's like Apple Butter. It's good stuff; the Princess and the Apple love it. The Boy likes it all right.

I'd never had it before. It's not bad. I couldn't decide between that and the strawberry butter. Next time I'll try the strawberry, since I've already tried the blackberry. It's good, though. Tastes like blackberries without the seed tang to them.