Thursday, August 02, 2007


I get to be a stay at home dad this week and next week. We don't have the money to put the kids in daycare, and I'm not employed, and after a summer of seeing the kids for about an hour a day, it's a welcome change. We've been pretty active the past few days; we go to the park in the morning, then while the Apple is taking his nap, I do a little housework, which has been piling up over the summer.

It looks like we're going to be able to take a vacation this summer. It'll be nice to get out of Texas for a week. The wife hasn't had a break in 3 years, so she is definitely overdue. The Boy and the Princess have not been out of state since 2002, and the Apple's never been out of Texas, so it'll be a nice change for them. We're going to drive (yes, road trip with kids. I'm already getting my dadisms ready) up to Indiana to visit the grandparents. it's only about 950 miles, so it shouldn't be too bad. Being dad, I am comfortable with driving past landmarks without stopping ("look kids, there's the St. Louis Arch, and the Ozarks, and the Mounds!), so I should be able to get there in about a day and a half, accounting for stops for the kids and wife, who, despite my pleas to the contrary, insists on having a bladder. Anyway, it's going to be nice to take the kids on a trip, and eat at Steak and Shake once again.


Cassie said...

I remember our drive from San Angelo to Houston about 6 years ago. It was just me and Steve. He let me go to the restroom only when we stopped for gas.

heatherfeather said...

steak and shake! tiny fries!

and hey, don't knock the wife having a bladder. as someone who's been told that i have the tiniest bladder known to man, i have to unite with her on this one.

Steve said...

"let." As though I wouldn't have stopped if you had to go. You just didn't have to go.

Heatherfeather, it's so nice to hear from you again! I am looking forward to having a good ol' burger with shoestring potatoes. It's a rare treat!

jae said...

Indiana eh? So close!

Forget the burgers and tiny fries -- go for the new milkshakes! Mmmmm.

Bookworm said...

Bon voyage! And may I suggest renting or buying a DVD player for your car?

Cassie said...

"Let" is definitely the word. You told me before we left that we were stopping once for gas and I was allowed to use the restroom at that time only and not to ask in between because you weren't going to stop no matter what.

I'm glad you don't hold your DW and kids to those rules.

Erica and Bacon are sitting on my bladder, I'm lucky to get as far as Target before I have to go desperately now. I'm glad I'm not riding with you.

Gramma said...

Remember to do a lot of deep breathing, and you aren't allowed to drive with that one finger if the kids are in the car.

Steve said...

Like I said, Cassie. We would have stopped if you had to go. You just didn't have to go until we got to the point where we had to get gas.

And I don't drive with my finger up. That's a myth perpetuated by anyone who has ever been in the car with me.

Hann said...

Enjoy your trip and holiday guys, I also complained not long ago that I need a holiday break, I haven't been out of Western Australia in 7 years since I started living here! :-(

Your trip reminds me of mine with my family as a kid, we lived in the northern parts of S/Africa and drove down to Cape Town, it was also a good day and half's travel!