Sunday, August 26, 2007

Church Mice?

One of the benefits of being the youngest family at church (indeed, the only family with school age children or younger) is that you have an entire congregation of grandparents, who just love that children are present at their service. This means that the children get away with things that otherwise would cause whispering among the masses. This means when the Apple sits during Children's Sermon and waves to the congregation, 30 grandparents smile, chuckle, and wave back. It means when the Princess dances down the pew to shake hands during the call to worship, people exclaim she's adorable and shake her hand with a large grin.

This doesn't necessarily make me feel any less embarrassed by their behavior, but at least the children are welcomed by the rest of the congregation.


Just Wondering said...

Mark 10: 13 -16. The peace of the Lord be with you and your family, Steve.

jae said...

That was my favorite part about our last church -- so many grandparent types and the kids were always genuinely welcome. Now we're at a larger, much younger church and it seems all they do is blend in.

Gramma said...

I suspect your children are a gift to that congregation. They certainly are a gift to me. I have no problem understanding how they can charm the pants off everyone who meets them.