Tuesday, September 18, 2007

But who would He swear to tell the truth to?

One thing Americans seem to need is someone to blame, and, subsequently, someone to sue. Thus, it probably should come as no surprise that in response to threats and natural disasters, one Nebraska State Senator has chosen to blame (and sue) God. Apparently, he sees God as the culprit behind all of the hurricanes that have plagued Nebraska, as well as the earthquakes and Tornadoes.

The Senator notes that he's filing this lawsuit to show that in America, you can so anyone. Of course, he probably forgot about the lawsuit in South Carolina wherein a man sued the devil, and the case was thrown out of court for want of jurisdiction (I think the judge noted that there was not means of serving process on the devil or even proving his existence in South Carolina).

Apparently, Senator Chambers has filed this suit in response to another suit that was filed recently in Nebraska, wherein a woman is suing a judge for barring the words "rape" and "victim" in her sexual assault suit against another individual. She claims that by barring such words, the judge violated her free speech rights (and made it harder for the defendant to be convicted, which is arguably what she's really pissed about). Of course, this federal suit is a bit unnecessary, and probably should be tossed, since the Nebraska Supreme Court has ruled on this and Federal Courts obey Full Faith and Credit.

But I still want to know who God would swear or affirm to tell the truth to? Buddha?

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