Monday, September 24, 2007

To make up for the energy you burn?

So Halo 3 debuted today. Apparently, it's supposed to be the best selling video game of all time. I know it's coming out not because I play a lot of video games. Not because I read about them, and not because I care. I know about it because while we were watching football yesterday, there were several commercials wherein a bunch of guys who apparently live alone in various apartments in the world are screaming at a computer while another guy (in another apartment, also apparently living alone) is cheering his victory while chugging some overcaffeinated soda that's supposed to give him the energy he needs to play the video game better.

Because everyone needs that energy boost for that hardcore sitting.

Is this what this country has come to? A bunch of losers (says the guy blogging about losers playing video games) who need extra energy to play games with other losers thousands of miles away?

How pathetic.

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