Thursday, September 13, 2007

Those Liberal College People!

One of the problems with higher education is that the intellectuals all have heavy liberal biases. This is even more the case in California, the Liberal Paradise. The colleges there are so far left they are actually going to the right. At least, that must be the angle those who insist on constantly trashing academia will rely on for this.

You see, UC Irvine (from what I understand, a good school) is starting up a law school. Because there aren't enough law schools in California. In order to ensure that they had a high profile, comptetent, intelligent start, they chose one of the nation's leading Constitutional Law minds - one Erwin Chemerinsky, who I have met, and who I believe lives up to his billing - to be the founding dean of the UC Irvine Donald Bren School of Law.

This choice was then reneged upon by the school one week later, when Michael Drake contacted the professor at Duke University (another fine school) to ask Professor Chemerinsky to withdraw from the post. Apparently, he is too much of a "lightning rod," what with his ultra-liberal views.

Incidentally, the school is called the Donald Bren School of Law, in honor of the real estate mogul and Republican Party supporter who donated $20 million to the school.

Maybe this will attract a bit of negative attention to the school, but Chemerinsky should have known better. He shouldn't have stood up for 1st Amendment rights when he had the opportunity to potentially be Dean of a Law School in the future. Serves him right (Tongue in Cheek).

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