Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday is Haiku Day!

One week of work down
About Nine to go. Nice to have
a slight stress respite.

As always, I look forward to reading your contributions - those few of you who still come by

4 comments:! said...

I get paid this week.
Friday can't come soon enough.
I need some money.

Just Wondering said...

Poetry group met
this morning - made me post late.
It was well worth it.

(although you'd never know I'm a poet based on this haiku!)

Anonymous said...

How great to have cash!
I wish I had income still.
Perhaps one day soon.

How's the job going? Do you enjoy it, or is it mindless tedium? Or perhaps you enjoy the mindless tedium.

Kelly's unemployed (again!) so we're strapped for cash. Can't wait to be in the "real" world earning money because I have some very real bills notwithstanding student loans.


Gramma said...

Your mother wonders
what you do in your new job
but you don't tell her.