Monday, September 17, 2007

Sounds like an urban legend

I'm not very fond of Crocs. I think they are ugly, and I would never want to see my kids wearing them. But, since my fashion sense is about as sharp as a marble, perhaps I need another reason.

It appears, there is one. Apparently, there have been many problems around the world with people wearing this decade's jelly shoes on escalators. It seems that they soft soles on Crocs and other similar types of footwear can get stuck in the escalators and injure the wearer's toes, as reportedly happened to Rory McDermott.

Now the news article reads pretty well, but this sounds like the type of report that lends itself to urban legend status, so I'm not completely sold, but it seems credible enough that I will resist any (heretofore unseen) urges to purchase these rubber pieces of crappy looking - well, crap - for the sake of my childrens' toes.

4 comments:! said...

Yay! I'm totally on board with the Crocs hate.

And poor little Apple. He just wanted to be desnudo. Can't a little guy let it all hang out every once in awhile?

Although it's probably a good thing I don't want kids. I likely would have spiked his chocolate milk with Benadryl or Valium or something.

Steve said...

How are things up in Austin? Have you found me a job yet?

And don't we still have to get together at lake Bra strap, or whatever?! said...

Yes. Just let me know when you & the fam want to head up and I'll look into reserving a cabin (or you can - you do it online at the Bastrop State Park website). Just not this coming weekend because I'll be in DC and not Oct 31-Nov 4, when I'll be in Monterrey.

Anonymous said...

Maybe people should watch their kids and learn to walk (and ride the escalators!)! I fell down an escalator when I was a kid and had no rubber shoes on at all! Just being a kid and horsin' around like kids do sometimes. I LOVE my Crocs, wouldn't be without them!