Sunday, September 02, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

So, I'm down about 17 pounds (give or take) from when I took the Bar Exam. I just need to do that at least one more time and I'll be happy (two more and I'd be really happy).

I also need to start running. I'd like to do a 5/10K this year (Aaron, I expect you to sign up, too), but I have never been a great runner - part of why I want to do it, I think.

I also need a job. I'm still looking, but nothing's biting out there.

We went to church today; the kids did better than last week; they still have some work to do, though. Little things, like not lying down on the kneelers. I'm not quite sure why we have kneelers at our church, but the kids don't need to be using them as cots.

We're going to go back to the gym today. The wife isn't too thrilled about that (she's still sore from yesterday, and we have lower body today). The kids won't want to go until we're there, then they'll have fun and not want to leave when it's time to go. We might put swimsuits on the kids and let them get in the pool, but I'm not sure about that yet. We'll have to see.

And the college football season is over, after one week.


Cassie said...

I enjoyed talking with the princess today. Jack was excited about it too.

Anonymous said...

Sign me up! I'm probably better prepared for a 5K than a 10K, but I'm game for anything. Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day?