Friday, September 07, 2007

They Blog, I Read

I've been the subject of blog roundups before, but I've never actually done one myself. I think it's about time I remedied that situation. Here's a look at what has been going on on the blogs I visit regularly.

Over at Bookworm's Room, she has an excellent article on the new undocumented immigrant identification cards, and the ICE's command decision to do ... nothing.

Hanns over at Zingela discusses her junk mail adventures.

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Dick Polman has a sneak peek at the Petraeus Report and follow up questions.

Stop on over by Jae's blog, our Good Enough Mom, to read her prescription drug lamentations.

And if you were wondering what Osama Bin Laden has been planning for the 9/11 anniversary, then take a gander at the Gun Toting Liberal.

Those in a mood to coo over babies can stop by Jack's Mama's blog, where you will be able to gaze upon Jack's new sisters.

The Lady Justitia has recently explained a new approach to criminal apprehension techniques in Queensland Australia - borrowing on Florida's plan, go figure. Let's just hope they don't hang any Chads unless they deserve it.

The Law Attack Cat's sidekick is ill, which is a shame for him and for her.

Michael Linn Jones, an excellent writer and coblogger on the GTL (where I first met him) has an excellent synopsis on why the upcoming Petraeus report is not worth the hype.

Anyone in the mood for good music (if you are one of us who claim Rush as good music), then make sure to stop by Nuje's Music Blog.

Papamoka, a former GTL writer and author of his Straight Talk, has a thoughtful article on the lack of leadership in our nation.

My friend and fellow alum Particleman recently went to Cambridge.

Gramma is not just a grandma, she's also a poetess. Here's an example.

Red Hot Mamma has been involved in quite a bit recently, having moved cities. She recently wrote a post advocating And Justice For All license plates in Texas, and I agree with her.

The most awesomest person named Heatherfeather is also the most awesomest knitter I know, with some great designs.

Among the many great posts at the Moderate Voice is this one commenting on Ron Paul and his supporters' fanatical support of him.

And last, alphabetically, is Vim and Vinegar, where Just Wondering has a great synopsis on former Federal Prosecutor Elizabeth De La Vega's essay regarding the current state of the Department of Justice.

Check these out, all these sites are ones I read (almost) daily, and for good reason.

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