Saturday, November 10, 2007

Can you tell me how to get

We're on our way to San Antonio today. The wife got tickets to see Sesame Street Live, which means a four hour drive with children. I've been working on my parentisms, while trying to get the kids dressed. These guys can get ready for school in about an hour, but getting clothes on and brushing teeth on a Saturday morning apparently is an impossibility. The Apple has actually changed clothes 3 times (he's 3), and has been sighted running downstairs naked on some important secret mission known only to him - he runs down, naked, grabs some item stating he "needs" it, and runs back upstairs. It would be cute if we hadn't been trying to get everyone dressed to go.

Anyway, we planned on leaving at 9:30, and we're ready at 8:51, so apparently my ire has worked some.

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