Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Interesting, Very Interesting

When I first moved to Texas, back when our President was the First Clinton, I finally dropped AOL and went instead with DSL. I enjoyed the much higher download and upload speeds, and just really got more out of internetting. After I got married, though, we bought a house, which was not wired for DSL, and thus we reverted to dialup. Then we moved to Houston, where, based on limited income due to law school, we didn't have funds for high speed internets. That was tolerable, though, because we at least were able to connect at 50 kbps. Then, one day, for whatever reason, our dialup went kaput, and we instead were connecting at only 26.6 or less. This continued for 3 years.

On Sunday, my wife decided she wanted to switch again, and signed us up for DSL again. I'm anxious to start using the high speed connections, especially after crawling for the better part of five years, and crawling slowly for the last three.

Then, this evening, after I got home from work, I got online, and I noticed that we were connected at 50.6 kbps again. Now this is nowhere near the 700+ we'll be getting once our DSL starts, but it's much better than anything we've had since I started school. (At school our connection was wireless, so we did quite well there with the laptop, but at home was a different story.) I find it interesting, almost conspiracy theory worthy, that our dialup speed with our current provider inexplicably doubled the day before we are to start with our new provider...

Perhaps the real lesson here is that I need to get a life.

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