Saturday, November 17, 2007


I think I've preferred college football to pro football since I was about 10. That's when I moved to Illinois and the nearest pro team was the St. Louis Cardinals, with quarterback Neil Lomax. They weren't very good.

I like college football because I think it's more exciting. It's more fun. The players are more into it. The fans are really into it. The whole environment is phenomenal.

I am from Michigan originally. Therefore I chose the Wolverines as my team growing up. My wife is a Husky from UW, so I cheer for them, as well (even though she doesn't). The Huskies have been down for a while, but I believe in Ty Willingham, even if my patience is showing strains. The Wolverines, on the other hand, have had a most disappointing year, in what many are speculating will be Lloyd Carr's last. I like Carr; I think he is a good coach. But Ohio State seems to have his number, and the team doesn't seem to have the same kismet this year.

At any rate, while it's been fun to watch the mayhem in the polls, it's perhaps been less exciting for me because I don't really have a pony in the race. Still. This is better than what the pros have put up in a long time.

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