Friday, November 30, 2007

It's the end of the month

This has been a very busy month, and as quickly as it passed, it sure took a long time to get through.

Today, with less than five minutes to go before I clocked out for the weekend, one of the other lawyers in the office walked up with a 30 pound box of papers and asked me if I'd be willing to transcribe the page cuts for the firm. Who can say no to such an offer? There were four of us who stayed to work on the project, and we managed to finish and get out of the office in less than 2 hours (overtime, woohoo), so it wasn't a bad thing.

I still don't feel like a lawyer. Perhaps it's because I don't have my bar card yet, but somehow I think it is more than that. I don't know what I was expecting. It's not like I thought there'd be some magical transformation after I passed the bar, or graduated from law school, or got my degree, or any of those milestones, so I'm not sure that I was expecting to feel any differently. But, I guess I was hoping for something, other than a general desire to be earning more per hour.

The kids are doing all right. The wife is doing well. The cats are doing all right. The gramma is recovering, though the grandkids should give her a call this weekend; I'll see what I can finagle.
I've got my holiday malaise going full stride right now. It'll pass. But it sucks while it's here.

At least it was payday, and I had (nearly) an extra week's pay in it. So that helps, particularly for Christmas shopping. We're hoping to go this Christmas without resorting to Plastic Man; so extra dinero shall come in handy.

I want a house for Christmas, and a non-temporary job. Feel free to hook me up.


Cassie said...

Don't worry about presents for anyone but the kids. No one expects gifts. You'll have plenty of time for gift giving when you're a big time lawyer.

Cassie said...

I meant you're kids by the way.

Cassie said...

I meant "your" kids not "you're" kids

It's been a long day.