Sunday, November 18, 2007

Now back to work

In many states, it's taken as a given. You get Thanksgiving off and you get the day after Thanksgiving off. How else are you going to celebrate the busiest shopping day of the year; if you can't go to work?

Well, about 80,000 government employees in New Jersey are going to find out - or they're going to be using a personal/vacation day to not find out. The Governor of New Jersey, believing that it's more important for government employees to be at work, earning taxpayer dollars, has decreed (it's by declaration of Governor in New Jersey, not law) that there would be no more paid day off for the day after Thanksgiving.

I understand the importance of earning your pay. But, really, how productive are these people going to be? I just think this was a bad move.

Perhaps the Governor just wanted to ensure 80,000 people would vote against him?

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