Sunday, November 02, 2008


It's a question of judgment. One candidate selected a running mate whose experience and abilities compensated for what he lacked. The other chose a running mate without vetting, refuses to make her available for a press conference, who has been found to have violated ethics rules, who does not understand the Constitution or Bill of Rights, refuses to release medical records to prove up what should be an exceedingly simple issue, and whose selection appears to have been geared solely to wrap up the votes of those far right Republicans (the "base") who would have (probably) voted Republican regardless, as he has the proper letter next to his name.

When it comes to serving as the Chief Executive, decisionmaking is key. Senator Obama's decision in selecting Joe Biden was far and away a sounder decision, reached almost embarrassingly more pragmatically than Senator McCain's selection of Sarah Palin.

I am still undecided between Obama and Barr, as I have other concerns with Senator Obama, however, in my opinion the third option is no option at all.


Jamie said...

I agree about Palin but I don't think her pregnancy is an issue at all.

Since you're still undecided, I guess this means you didn't vote early and you'll be voting tomorrow? Yikes! Long lines! Eat a hearty meal and do some stretching before you go. Hopefully it won't be as bad as people predict it to be.

Are you also undecided on state and local races?

Steve said...

It's not the pregnancy that's the issue, is the complete lack of transparency. This is a woman who, while running for mayor insisted that another candidate provide a marriage certificate to show that he and his wife were, in fact, married because she kept her maiden name. This is the most simple example of the hypocrisy with which she runs her public life. This issue is one that seemingly could be dispelled with little more than a simple act, one that the campaign insisted would be forthcoming before the election, and one which did not come.

nuje said...

"...complete lack of transparency..." Wait, are you talking about Obama?