Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spanish for "Doesn't Go"

We don't watch PBS often anymore, because we got the digital converter boxes and for whatever reason, PBS does not show up when the boxes are turned on. We do, however, still get it through analog, which we have when the VCR is on.

Last night we watched a show on PBS about the origins of the Israelites. It was fascinating. I would massacre a retelling, but in a nutshell, the show used scholars who studied the region (from U.S. and Israeli universities, inter alia) to discuss where the Israelites came from and who wrote the bible. They hypothesized that the Bible was not written in chronological order, but rather over a period of time. They also supposed that the Israelites (at least most of them) may not have migrated from Egypt during the Exodus, but rather were made up of Canaanites who adopted a new identity for themselves, aided by a few individuals who may have come from Egypt.

The show displayed evidence that indicated David and his house did rule Israel, as well.

All in all, it was a really good piece. I should like to see it again someday.

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