Saturday, August 12, 2006

Calm before the storm

This is the last weekend before we all head back to school. I start my final year of law school Monday, and have spent some of the day reading up on my classes. There's nothing better than reading about payment systems (How is fiat money different than barter money? What is pareto optimal, pareto superiority and how does it differ from Kaldor-Hicks? How did bank paper come to be accepted as money when only a government can issue fiat money and then only some governments?) to get the blood flowing.

We went out to breakfast today, which the kids enjoyed. It was the first time I didn't enjoy the hashbrowns at Cliff's, though. Just a little too salty, which is a shame. I'm not going to quit going, though. Clif's is too important. We then drove up to Spring to check out some of the housing developments around there; in case we decided to settle down in the area. Not bad; better than the city, but it's growing.

Right now, the young'uns are watching Abbot and Costello in "The Time of Their Lives." The Boy considers it his favorite A&C film, and I agree, it's pretty good. I have a hard time picking a favorite, since I like so many of the films. It's all but impossible to find *good* comedy like they did anymore. It's also fun seeing "ghosts" from the Revolution trying to understand the "modern" times of the 1940s. I recommend Abbot and Costello to anyone who has children.

Anyway, time to get back to work. Gotta start reading up on Criminal Procedure. I'll write more soon.


Hannelie said...

All the best for the new 'year' to all of you, studies studies studies...can't escape them!
What's this about money, you got me all confused...are you sending me some LOL?
Take care.

Michelle said...

I love Abott & Costello! Best of luck with your last year :o)

Gramma said...

Wow - it sure is that time again, isn't it? School starts for us on the Wed after Labor Day - September 5th? - but the next couple of weeks are packed full of fun and joy for staff. Next week a 4-day workshop on reading, followed in the next 2 weeks by various Learning Improvement Days, staff meetings, room/office preparation, and workshops.

It feels good to be going back, though.

Prayers and love to all my Texas honeys for a happy and successful year of school. Steve - 2/3 through it. Look at what you have accomplished!