Thursday, August 17, 2006

She must hate America

U. S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor, from Detroit, became the first judge to strike down warrantless wiretapping. The judge ruled that the wiretapping violates individuals' rights to free speech and privacy. There's probably going to be a huge outcry that this is the wrong decision and that the framers of the Constitution never intended there to be a right to privacy or they'd have written it in there, but that's a moot point as it's a part of our jurisprudence today. Remember that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were created to limit the power of the federal government, to protect the citizens from the government machinery. Because of this purpose, the government's position, that this is within the president's authority, but we can't prove that because it would reveal secrets, is a scary one indeed. This decision (and who knows how it will stand up through the appellate process) is a good one; it's probably the right one, and Americans who love their freedom should be happy with it.

(I might do an actual in depth analysis later, this was written in about 4 minutes)

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Bellejar said...

American's who value freedom... I do value freedom and support this decision, but you sound like a spin doctor when you say it that way *grin*