Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What is news?

This morning, in the news, we heard about the tropical storm in the Atlantic, Castro's handing off control of Cuba to his brother, and a few other items that the Powers That Be deem important. However, they missed the important news bit from this morning.

At about 5:30, the little boy woke up and bellowed for me to come bring him to Mommy and Daddy's room. Then, while he was cuddled up between us (and my wife said she'd never let another guy come between us), the cat started coughing up a hairball. This amazing turn of events led the little boy to ask what was going on. We explained that the kittycat had a hairball, and, that astounded the boy. He had to ensure that we were informed of this information by updating us every 12 seconds, "ki-ycat airbaw! Mommy, ki-ycat airbaw! Daddy, ki-ycat airbaw!" He seemed troubled that CBS wasn't here to interview him on the dire situation, so he could update greater Houston, "ki-ycat airbaw!" This continued for approximately 20 minutes before I brought him downstairs for breakfast. We then had to determine what we would eat. I suggested cereal. "No no, sareyo!" OK, how about oatmeal? "No no oval!" So then I opened the refrigerator, so he could take inventory to be sure nothing was missing from last night, when he last took inventory. While he was at it, I said "let's have some cereal." I'm such an idiot. He politely informed me that he had already declined the offer for cereal. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SAREYO!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAGHGHGHGHGHH!!!" So I made oatmeal instead, which he also politely declined, until I started the microwave, which afforded him the chance to start counting down.

So, we got to eat Peaches and cream oval, about 4 bites' worth, then it was time to play climb up in and get off of dad's lap, touching everything we can, until he has an aneurism.

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Gramma said...

OMG!!!Can I picture (and hear) this!! I don't know why you and Kirsten don't fall over dead from laughing all the time! That's what would give me an aneurysm.