Thursday, August 03, 2006

How to win an election

Let's say you are a Senator, and it's an election year. Now, let's say that you're not doing too well in the polls, and in fact, it looks as though you're going to lose the election, even though you're the incumbent. What would your constituents do to help you win? Campaign for you? Point out all the good you've done? Try to get out the vote? All good ideas, but not what is apparently happening in Pennsylvania, where Rick Santorum's seat is in jeapordy. Instead, the Republicans allegedly took a different approach, in that they funded Green Party candidate Carl Romanelli.
According to the link, TPMmuckraker, Rick Santorum's spokeswoman actually told the Philadelphia Enquirer that the Santorum camp encouraged the contributions to the Green Party because they felt it would be a liability to Democrat candidate Bob Casey.

I'm all for third party candidates, as too often the biggest two parties get carried away in their Us-v.-them approach to running the country. However, I think it's deplorable that one side might aid a third party simply because it would give them a better chance to win. If the reports in the links above are accurate, that stinks for American politics and really looks bad for the Republicans in Pennsylvania.

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