Sunday, August 06, 2006

Physical Shutdown

I went to the doctor last Wednesday to get a checkup, inasmuch as I've been having pains in my chest for a little while now, and they haven't dissipated. We're confident that I'm not having a heart attack, but, since my blood pressure is high (which it has been since I enlisted in the Air Force in 1996), they decided to put me on Toprol, which is MUCH better than being put on Torgo. We think the problem is muscular, but since it's been so persistent, I got to go talk to a cardiologist, who noted my EKG had a normal sinus rhythm, which goes to support the conclusion that there's nothing wrong with the ticker.

Anyway, I get to do the stress test next month, and apparently I get to be shot with radiation again, and be subjected to several ECGs. I can't wait. At least I get to miss a day of class for it!

Perhaps I need to find a nice, low stress job in the country.


Hannelie said...

Glad you're getting checked out, all the best mate!

Michelle said...

Thankgod there is nothing wrong :o)

Gramma said...

Even I passed the stress test - and that was after my angioplasty and at a weight of 245ish. You will pass it easily. I think tension and stress are the culprits. I want you to be healthy. I worry about you. Remember that your Bapa's side of the family had strong hearts; you don't necessarily take after the other side. I never had a recurrence of any problem after getting through the stress of the divorce. Once you get through law school I think you will be good to go.

Bellejar said...

Wrong profession for the low stress thing. Just my two cents!