Tuesday, August 08, 2006

School Days

I registered the daughter for school today. That was about 2 hours worth of fun I'll never get to enjoy again. Driving down, standing in line, driving back to the apartment to get this and that, driving back to the school, passing 5 elementary schools, two pre-ks, two middle schools and a high school to get the girl into the pre-k she's supposed to be in. I still don't get that. Why not have her go to the one that's most convenient?

School hours are from 8:30 to 2:30 monday through friday, which is going to be fun, since my first class starts at 8:30 downtown on Tuesday and Thursday.

This is going to be a stressful semester. I don't think the hours could have been any worse.


Gramma said...

It's a pain, but it's not insurmountable. Keep reminding yourself that the solution already exists and you will recognize it when it shows itself.

Find out the earliest time she can be dropped off. No chance your daycare transports to the preschool assigned to you? And above all, let your professor know that you are working on a solution. Thank goodness it's only 2 days a week, and not all 5.

Can you get a waiver to put her in the close, convenient preschool? My district grants waivers based on daycare needs...

Michelle said...

I have the same problem when i am due in court. I 'm lucky though, i can drop off 45 mins early as there are teachers in the buildings already........you may be lucky and find the same :o)

Bookworm said...

We live one block from one elementary school, and five blocks from another elementary school. The City shut down both those schools in the early 70s when they ran out of students (the end of the baby-boom generation). Now, the babies are booming again, but the City doesn't have the money to reopen the schools. My kids therefore take a 40 minute busride to get to their "neighborhood" public school!