Sunday, August 13, 2006


We took the kids to church today. It's been a while since we've been, but with a new school year coming up, we figured the Divine influence would do us some good. We decided to go to the traditional service as opposed to the contemporary one. I prefer it, inasmuch as it's more what I think of when I think of church. The contemporary service more reminds me of what I'd expect to see at an Assembly of God service; I'm just not comfortable with that.

After church, we went to Le Peep for breakfast, and while it was good, it wasn't my favorite (Cliff's). The wife, however, liked the potatoes better (closer to an O'Brien style than hashbrowns). The kids had waffles, which they liked, eventually, and then we drove to the daughter's new school, which she's thrilled about attending. I'm excited for her.

Welp, time to get dinner ready. Manicotti - the kids love it.


Papamoka said...

Church is always a good thing for the kids to know and live. When life tosses you a world of troubles then faith in God above is never a bad thing.

This advice from a die hard liberal. Who'd of thunk that? We have faith too! We just don't push it on everyone else.

Take care of your little ones as you see fit and I can not argue that you are not doing ill by them by building memories that will last a lifetime for them.

Faith in God has no denomination or character to qestion for participation.

Michelle said...

Papamoka speaks wise words :o)

Steve, what is "Manicotti"?

Gramma said...

Hope the oldest has figured out about the Star of Jonah by now - or whatever it was... Things are changing at your old church here in Lakewood. We are adding a second service in about six weeks. It will be a more contemporary worship... We've hired a new Music Director...