Monday, August 14, 2006


I finished reading for classes this morning, and I decided to take a look at the schedule for the spring, so I could see how it's shaping up for me. As I'm one of the students who must take bar-related classes, finding classes I was interested in wasn't necessary. Fortunately, I've wanted to take mostly bar related classes so that I'm at least exposed to the bar-related topics. Now, however, I've mostly exhausted my selection of bar related classes, to the point where, next semester, when I have 15 hours of class left to take, I only have 14 total hours of bar related classes available, and that's subject to schedule availability (e.g. the classes overlap or interfere with my family's needs). This means that next semester, I'll get to choose at least one class that I WANT to take, rather than Want To Take Because It Fits My Schedule And Is Still Bar Related.

Of course, none of this would apply to me had the school not changed its GPA requirements for bar-related classes, and I'd have been able to study abroad last summer, which I REALLY wanted to do, but that's a digression.

Anyway, I should be able to take National Security Law, which I REALLY want to take, or amateur sports law, which I really want to take, or maybe even both, which would totally rock.

Then I get to stress out about the bar. Yay. Plus, I might take the bar in more than just Texas, depending on many factors. It's going to be a fun semester.


janet said...

Out of curiosity, what area of law are you planning to go into... or have you decided that yet?

Steve said...

Choosing an area of law is rather difficult. There are many aspects of the law that I like knowing about, such as criminal procedure and constitutional law, but I would not do well in that practice. I'm more geared for transactional work, as opposed to any type of advocacy. I think, ideally, I'd work in immigration or probate, or some combination of the two. It all depends

Bookworm said...

Steve, I hope you enjoy a great third year. It was my favorite year at law school, because I was finally figuring out what the heck was going on. Also, whatever you do, spend the money for the multi-state professional responsiblity exam review class. It was an enjoyable afternoon class (everyone I knew took it), and we all passed with flying colors. Indeed, the only guy who didn't take the review class was a very sweet fundamentalist Christian student who misunderstood that the MPRE is concerned with manmade rules, not God-made morality, and who was convinced that his Biblical knowledge would carry him through. It didn't.

Bellejar said...

I would highly recommend skipping secured transactions - regardless of whether it is on the bar or not. You can actually learn enough about it at Barbri or whatever you take for bar review.

Matthew said...

Don't worry about the bar exam. Enroll in BAR/BRI, and devote the 90 days of your life between graduation and the bar exam to passing the bar exam. Follow the BAR/BRI lesson plans. Don't jump the gun and start preparing for it until BAR/BRI begins. BAR/BRI can pound into you what you need to know. That's the advice my alumni mentors gave me; they made it seem quite doable. Good luck this semester