Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I was lawyer again today. I played the prosecution while Red Hot Mamma played defense. The witness was hers, and I got the cross. I had a pretty small role today; raise objections - which I missed a couple leadings and a hearsay, as well as a reading...

While I was doing my cross, my wife called and told me I needed to get the daughter. It turned out that she was able to pick up the girl, but since the daughter was not feeling well, I left early (with permission) and got the girl from daycare so she could lay down at home and get some rest - we had a little fever run through us last week, and I think she's still feeling a bit of that.

Anyway, it's giving me a chance to finish up reading on NAFTA, where I still have about 20 pages to read.

I like NAFTA, it's interesting, and the setup is not that bad.

You see, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade carved out concepts for trade agreements - Trade Unions (such as the EU) and Free Trade Agreements (e.g. NAFTA). There are plusses to both, but frankly, it sounds like Free Trade agreements might actually be a little better... First off, you can leave a FTA, you can't leave the EU.

The United States, as a general rule, likes Free Trade Agreements - each of the last three Presidents (both Bushes and Clinton) supported Free Trade Agreements. It's going to be interesting to go through this.

Back to work.

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