Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Well, I passed all my classes, and managed to do better than my GPA for the second straight semester - interesting that the less I care about how well I do, the better I actually do, but I digress.

I've got a mere 129 days until graduation, which means that you all have a mere 129 days to find me a graduation gift. This is actually not a bad thing, because I know what you can get me. One gift, not too big, that you can all pool your money on. I've had my eye on a new Cadillac CTS for a while now, and after spending last week riding in one, I must say I'm convinced. This is the car for me. It's got what I need and want. First, it's American-made. Second, it's bigger than my Escort, but not too big - I could fit everyone in the family in there comfortable. Third, it handles well. Fourth, it gets decent gas mileage. Finally - it's not an Escort.

I know what you are all thinking - but if we get him a Cadillac NOW, like we were planning to all along, he's not going to be surprised. Well, perhaps, but I will ACT surprised. And it's the look of satisfaction on your collective faces that the gift giving is all about, so since you'll be giving me what I REALLY want, you'll make yourselves happy, and then I'll be happy for making you happy, and it will be one happy party.

I like the black one.


Bellejar said...

Congrats on your classes - you are almost there.! said...

I can vouch for that car. It's sweet.

Bookworm said...

You should be very proud of yourself. I'm not surprised, of course, because your blog reflects a rigorous intellectual discipline that's always going to do well at law school. I can't believe, though, that I've known you as a blogger through almost your entire law school career. Where does the time go?

Michelle said...

Congrats Steve, well done!