Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Right Wing Blather

This post inspired by my good friend Just Wondering.

I'd like to call it something else, but that's what I see it as. I'm not laying this on the entire Right side of the political aisle, nor am I laying it on all Republicans. Instead, my focus is on the group of hardcore conservative pundits and candidates and officeholders who have determined that if I don't vote the way they want, I am not a "real American."

Apparently, the only way to be a "real" American to them is to vote lockstep with the Republican party - straight line ticket. Anything less is, well, maybe not treason, but something that "real" Americans don't do.

It doesn't matter that I served 8 years in the military.

It doesn't matter that I am middle class.

It doesn't matter that I worked my way through college (the majority of which while serving in the military, supra).

It doesn't matter that I am a 4th generation Veteran married to the daughter, grandaughter, and sister (all one person) of Veterans.

It doesn't matter what my religion is, or if I have one.

It doesn't matter that I work hard, pay taxes, and registered with selective service.

It doesn't matter that I attended public schools, or that my children attend public schools.

It doesn't matter that many of those who decry me for not running lockstep with their idea of what qualifies me as a "real" American don't fit any of the above.

All that matters is attempting to influence people by alienating one group. That's not "real" America, to me.

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