Saturday, October 11, 2008

This Week's Essay Question

Are the Polls correct with regard to Obama winning the election? Or is this shaping up to be a re-imagining of Dewey Defeats Truman?

Support your answer.

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Feisty 'Bama Princess said...

I certainly hope that the polls are correct but many are talking about "The Bradley Effect." This theory holds that when talking to a pollster on the phone, people will say they are voting for the black candidate simply out of fear they will be seen as a racist if they don't say they are voting for the black candidate. Then, at the polls, they vote for the white candidate. I would hope that, as a nation, we have come far enough that we could get past skin color and decide on issues and qualifications. Hopefully, if there are no major blunders by the Obama camp in the next few weeks, he will be packing his bags for the White House in January...