Wednesday, August 03, 2005

After a brief hiatus, Haiku Day is back

With thanks to Gramma for reminding me.

Classes start next week
For both myself and my son
He's the giddy one.


sidcruise said...

Steve and Gramma,

Should I learn Japanese to post Haiku, thats why it took me long to post my poem here....

Japanese its not a cakewalk ...what was i thinking ...

mlwhitt said...

Anytime I hear Haiku I want to say "Bless You". ;)

English Professor said...

A hard decision:
The red wallpaper, or blue?
Now must live with choice.

gramma said...

return of haiku
brings gramma gladness indeed
ah so, it is good

Cassie said...

Soon I register
for final class to get my
brother off my back.