Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wednesday is Haiku Day!

Orientation's today
bunch of lost 1Ls.

Audience Participation is always encouraged.


Kirsten said...

I just remembered
it's haiku day again
5 more sylables

Gramma said...

haiku haiku day
easy creativity
just counting needed! said...

meeting with bergin
no work done on my paper
won't overachieve

that was my day at stcl. after the meeting with bergin, i have so much other stuff to do, i might just forget this whole law review thing. blech!

Bookworm said...

No haiku comment from me (just can't do it), but congratulations on starting your second year (second, right?) of law school, and best wishes for a stimulating, enjoyable year.

Cassie said...

What to write today?
Why, I have nothing to say
Now that is a first!

English Professor said...

Bookworm sells self short
All word lovers can do this
Five, seven, five. Try!

Steve said...

I love seeing all the participation! Haiku day is fun for all. Bookworm, I am starting my second year, and I'm looking forward to it, such as one can. Thanks for the well wishes.