Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wednesday - Haiku day

Nature wreaked havoc
On America this week
Pray for our compats


English Professor said...

When storm is over
Please, no one sue rescuers
All are working hard.

heatherfeather said...

my friend matty is
fine. his whole family is safe.
their home is destroyed.

The Other Half said...

don't sue the rescuers...but can i shoot the looters?

Gramma said...

it's all so awful
nothing i can do to help
is money enough?

Steve said...

I can't authorize the wanton shooting of looters; crime to stop crime is still crime. However, I have little sympathy for the people SHOOTING THEIR GUNS at helicoptors trying to evacuate people from the Superdome. And if something were to, say... happen, when I was looking down tying my shoes, well then I wouldn't know, would I?

Gramma, there are a lot of places you can make donations. I would check with your local red cross, or go to, they should have info on what you could do to help.

For anyone that might want to donate clothes, I might suggest cool weather type stuff. I know Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama are on the gulf coast, but it still gets chilly, and most people aren't going to think about what these people need in 2-3 months.

Gramma said...

I already have given to the Red Cross, and will be giving to the United Methodist Committee on Relief Sunday morning. I just wish I could do something personal that would touch a life...