Sunday, August 28, 2005

This just in: God Hates Gays

I read it on Yahoo! News, so I know it's true.

According to the article, God is punishing American GIs for defending a country that harbors gays. So says a church who brought their anti-gay message to the funeral of two dead servicemen. According to Rev. Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist, God is wreaking vengeance on the military for defending a nation that allows homosexuality.

Now, the church is rather small. It pretty much consists of Rev. Phelps, his family, and his in-laws, and it's not affiliated with the Baptist church proper. bear that in mind when reading this.

What I found particularly interesting was that one of the people interviewed who decried Rev. Phelps' actions said that he might otherwise join the Reverend, had he not chosen the funeral service of two servicemen to convey his message. He doesn't disagree with the message (gays = bad), he disagrees with the venue.

If God doesn't like gays, wouldn't it seem to make more sense for God to smite the gays and not the men and women of the military who defend ALL Americans? And if gay is a sin, then why would we have to deal with it now? Couldn't we just let them live in sin and let God handle the punishment at the rapture?


Cassie said...

I know a lot of people believe that God wrote the Bible. I do not. I believe that the Bible was written by people who were inspired by God. That said, I believe the Bible, having been written by people who are not by nature perfect, could possibly contain ideas and beliefs that came from the people of that time and directly from God. Yes the Bible does say no to homosexuality but that doesn't mean that that's what God says. People who claim to know exactly what God wants and believes are, in my opinion, worse for the cause of Christianity than atheists. If you believe (which I do) that people are born gay then it is no more right to disallow them to be themselves than it is to force everyone with blonde hair to dye it brown. I am middle of the road on a lot of things, this is not one of them. I do however, respect other people's opinions and expect them respect mine. I add that little thought because I'm sure that there will be that one person who feels just as strongly the opposite will be tempted to ridicule me instead politely voicing their opposing opinion.

mlwhitt said...

God must not like cable TV then, because there are plenty of gays on cable, ;)

Would make more sense that he would smite San Fransisco if you ask me.

So let me get this one straight, God hates the gays so much that he lets thousands of non-gays die in the attacks on 9/11 and all the stuff afterwords, yet he is perfectly okay with the Muslims that preach killing his own flock. Seems rather asnine to me. I am not saying that the Bible doesn't preach that homosexuality is wrong, just that I don't believe that ALL the bad in the world is due to the fact that a small percentage of the population is queer.! said...

and of course if you believe in god and that god made everything and blah blah blah, then obviously god created homosexuality, too, right? so, if god made it, why is it so wrong?

and yeah, i agree with cassie that "god" did not literally write the bible. biblical historians can actually tell you who wrote it, more or less (i took a class where we learned this, but it was a long time ago and i wasn't very interested in it) and yeah, they were men. MEN. (okay, i won't get into my feminist thing here). and then there's the issue of translation, which also creates some confusion. are you reading king james, new american, or one of many other versions? are we talking old testament only? both old and new? there's so much room for interpretation that no one person can possibly be right. what am i getting at? well, mostly that people who take what the bible says completely literally are probably doing religion a great disservice, in my opinion.

and my personal belief is that fred phelps is probably the anti-christ. seriously, how unchristian can he possibly be? demonstrating at a funeral is the most callous, heartless thing i can imagine. i wouldn't even fathom demonstrating at his funeral. he may deserve it, but why be that cruel to his grieving family? would "god" or jesus or any other diety/messiah/whatever people believe in really advocate for treating other human beings this way? what bible is phelps reading anyway?

Michelle said...

Cassie, i could not have said it any better!

sidcruise said...

Funny, god hates gays LOL.....Nice post