Friday, August 05, 2005

Sports are important to a guy

Some guys are even willing to kill for sports. I've heard of riots in Central America and Scotland over Soccer, I remember seeing the front page of the Detroit Free Press after the Tigers won the World Series in 1984 (ok, I saw the front page some 15 years later, because I wasn't living in Detroit then, but it counts). Sports are important to some men.

If people know how important sports are to someone, and you're the wife of a sports nut, wouldn't you want to ensure he gets to enjoy his sports? Why would you want to cuddle after coitus when the game is on? Let him be. He's deserved it. It shouldn't surprise anyone that this man would strike his wife 70 times with a claw hammer for nagging him to cuddle after sex when the game was on. She should have known what she was in for. Yet, rather than applauding this trailblazer for his new approach to an old problem, trying to fix a system that was broken, what happens? He gets arrested. Tried. Convicted. Sentenced to death. All because he wanted to watch the game in peace. Perhaps we should admire his his resourcefulness, but then again, to a hammer, everything is a nail. Where has this country gone, when a man can't watch a game in peace anymore? What a shame.


Gramma said...

Good grief.

Kirsten said...

Hmmm, does that mean I get to do extensive shoe shopping while you are watching the game (have to give you some peace, after all).

mlwhitt said...

People are stupid. Killing over a ball game. That's just evil.