Sunday, August 14, 2005


When I was in Korea, I had a conversation with a ROK officer. We were discussing the economy of the nation, which was suffering at the time. This was when the country went over its head in debt and required IMF help to get out of trouble, and the won rate went from 800w = $1 to 2400w = $1 in a couple weeks. Anyway, I was having trouble saying economy, and needed his help to get the word, so I asked him what the Korean word for economy was. He told me "Economy means kyungjae." That threw me for a loop, inasmuch as from my perspective kyungjae meant economy. We were talking about the same thing but it looked completely different. So, my suggestion for today is that the next time you talk about something, you think about whether you are talking about economy meaning kyungjae or vice-versa.

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