Friday, August 05, 2005

So THAT'S why I missed the big promotion!

A recent study by Tulane University revealed that women who flirt at work are less likely to receive promotions and raises. In the article, it states that 49% of women surveyed engaged in flirtatious behavior, including crossing their legs provocatively or leaning over a table so men could look down their shirts. These women received two promotions compared to three for the women who say they never engage in such behavior and are most often in the 50 - 75,000 pay range vs. the 75 - 100,000 range primarily inhabited by the non-flirtatious type.

The survey was conducted among MBA holding women from their 20s through age 60.

The women who completed the study also said that women who let men hold doors for them or pick up boxes that aren't too heavy for them are also at risk, because it creates a "benevelolent sexism" in the workplace. Then it says that this is still a good thing that there are chivalrous men in the world.

I don't know what to make of the article. It's interesting to see that women who try to use their "God-given talents" to get ahead don't.

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mlwhitt said...

Maybe us guys aren't as shallow as we are told. ;)