Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wednesday is Haiku day!

Mister Rogers was
a little creepy if you
ask me, those sweaters!

Feel free to join in


Cassie said...

Mister Rogers was
my hero you know that Steve
Don't make fun of him.

heatherfeather said...

i was a fan of
old king friday and the cat
whose name i forget

Cassie said...

The cat, her name was
Henrietta Pussycat.
X the owls best friend.

English Professor said...

He meant well, I know
But his style was not for me.
Rest in peace, kind man.

Gramma said...

Mister Rogers died.
The terrorists have not won.
He lives in reruns.

Cassie said...

Mister Rogers died?
Oh how can it be? I still
see him on tv.