Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Leaving children behind

In recent national news, Connecticut is the first state to formally challenge the No Child Left Behind Act that President Bush signed into law in 2002. The idea behind the act is to increase teacher and school accountability for education and encourage programs that provide a solid base of education for all children.

I don't like the No Child Left Behind Act. I think it's the Federal Government using Federal Funds to compel the states to do its bidding; something frowned upon as I understand South Dakota v. Dole (483 U.S. 203). The Act also diverts federal funding that otherwise would go to support the No Child Left Behind Act and funds that the Schools had received prior to its enactment from the schools to form "Charter schools," which appear to be federally funded private schools, and thus don't have to meet the same criteria that public schools must meet.

I'll be paying close attention to the developments here.


Cassie said...

I do not like charter schools. You're right, they are private schools paid for by tax dollars, they are not held accountable by standards set forth by the government. If you think public schools (which are government monitored)are not good enough what makes you think that private (charter) schools who don't have to meet minimum standards will be? Public schools also are mandated to provide programs for children with disabilities (ie. physical or learning related) private/charter schools are not. I am strongly pro public schools, but then you may have guessed that.

red.hot.mamma! said...

A friend of mine taught math at a charter school in Austin. I think it was called Nacho Ordinary School. But I could be wrong about the spelling of the first word. That's just what she called it. ;)

Michelle said...

Our public schools have that ACT in place. In fact, my daughter is in 5th grade, she was busy sitting a maths/science test yesterday and today is her literacy test. Both tests go for 2 hrs and test all 5th graders in my State. Parents get the results in a months time and you see where your child is lacking =bottom 10% of kids in the State....average......and above average = top 10%
If a school has kids falling behind, then the education dept pays them a visit to find out why, it also provides extra funding to the school for specialsed teaching for those kids who are falling behind.
The test is also performed on 3rd, and 7th graders.

As far as our private schools go, there is no accountability. Catholoic schools here are held accountable to the catholic education dept.

Matthew said...

Anything Bush does should be eyed with suspicion.

Gramma said...

If we leave a child behind, then the terrorists win.