Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's not just a Christian nation

"The number, the industry, and the morality of the Priesthood, and the devotion of the People have been manifestly increased by the total separation of the Church from the State." - James Madison

I see this as something that makes perfect sense. I don't want any one Church telling my government how it should be run to the exclusion of all others any more than I want the Government telling me how and to whom I should pray and worship. But I'm not a part of any consensus.

Instead, what we get are Governors declaring "Christian Heritage Week." Because all those Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, and Wiccan students all need to know how Christianity shaped America. And, as Governor Gregoire puts it: "our Goal is to bring the awareness to adults and students throughout Washington that our nation is irrefutably rooted in biblical principles."

Bull. This nation is not a theocracy. Nowhere in the Constitution does the word God or Christ appeaer. While Christianity certainly made its presence known in the time of the foundation, the country was founded as a secular nation - hence the First Amendment, and Jefferson's letter to the Baptists (which, despite the Falwell apologists, DID intend to interpret the First Amendment), and the quote by Madison above.

This was a stupid thing to do, completely unnecessary.


photog said...

AMEN! And once again the religious right set a dangerous precedent that "can and will be used against them" when they can no longer garner enough votes to stop equally arcane legislation that discriminates against them. Brilliant strategic move on their part. Brilliant.

Futher, what purpose does it serve. Are the heathen unchurched going to suddenly attend their churches or find Jesus simply because some self-serving but totally useless legislation emphasises the alleged Christian foundations of this nation? I think not!

We are a nation of rejects and opportunists, founded by those who wanted to practice their own religion in the manner they chose without government interference and those who thought they could make a buck. We would have continued to be just a British colony but for taxation without representation. There is nothing overtly Christian in a treasonous revolution!

Steve said...

I'm with you everywhere except for one thing - the Governor is a Democrat.